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A MASTER COLLECTOR will recognize her immediately as a fine work of art from the U.S. Mint. The simplicity of her classic Liberty head design makes its own statement. The careful craftsmanship is apparent to anyone with an eye for quality.

Rare coin experts nicknamed her "LIB"– short
for Liberty. To us, she is clearly "Miss Liberty" a symbolic design of freedom and democracy in America that dominated the face of most U.S. gold coins from 1838 through 1907.

Four Coin Liberty Series

All U.S. gold coins were once circulating money of our great nation. Today ,the Liberty series of genuine United States coins continues to be one of the most popular collector rare coins in history. 

A Four Coin Liberty Set features four distinct sizes from the $20 Double Eagle containing almost an ounce of pure gold, to the $10 Eagle, the $5 Half Eagle, and finally the $2 Quarter Eagle sizes.

First Minted Before Abe Lincoln was President
Minted for the first time long before the Civil War, these Liberty gold coins have captured the imagination and fancy of collectors for a century and a half. It's  not just their gold content or their value as rare antiques. Liberty gold coins are important pieces of American history, surviving artifacts from an era when Abraham Lincoln was President to the glorious Wild West Day.

Collectors Love Genuine Gold Coins
Naturally, the intrinsic value of gold coins has been at the very heart of rare coin collecting since the beginning. Over the decades, the rising price of gold has helped the hobby survive, flourished, and prosper.

For thousands of years, mankind has been attracted to gold. The lasting value of gold, its timeless quality, its soaring value in times of war, political unrest, and high inflation make U.S. gold coins a true source of lasting  wealth.

Largest Circulating U.S. Gold Coin Ever Minted

The large, $20 Liberty has been hoarded by "gold bugs" who save them in lower grades for their almost one ounce gold content. But, serious collectors should save rarer, higher quality $20 Liberty gold pieces in Brilliant Uncirculated condition grading MS-61 to MS-66.

Type I Liberty Gold - The magnificent $20 gold "Liberty Head" is the largest U.S. gold coin minted for circulation. It was first struck in 1849 before the Civil War.

Type II Liberty Gold - Then, in 1866  the design was changed and "In God We Trust" was added above the ornate spread winged eagle on the reverse. 

Type III Liberty Gold -
In 1877, the design was again changed slightly with the denomination  "Twenty D." saying "Twenty Dollars". The lustrous gold $20 Liberty series was produced through 1907 when minting ceased forever.

That gives $20 Liberty Type Collectors three different varieties and many people will often collect just one of each Type to start a collection..

Start a Pre-1933 Four Coin Gold Collection
Gold bugs who just want to start with a few Classic Pre-1933 Gold Coins, can also collect one of the Liberty coins in each of the four sizes.


$20 Liberty $10 Liberty $5 Liberty $2 1/2 Liberty
James B. Longacre
Diameter 34 mm
Gold .9675 troy oz.
James B. Longacre
Diameter 27 mm
Gold .48375 troy oz.
Christian Gobrecht
Diameter 21.6 mm
Gold .24187 troy oz.
Christian Gobrecht
Diameter 18 mm
Gold .12094 troy oz.

Four Coin Liberty Sets Extremely Affordable
With the four sizes side-by-side you can see the both similarities and differences between the face of Miss Liberty, her hair style, and the layout designations on each coin. The reverse sides are even more interesting to examine with the naked eye or with magnification.    

We recommend you acquire one coin of each of the four Liberty coin denominations in the same grade from the same grading company. This would create a matched set that looks great and are easier to sell later.

The best to put together a set is to call a firm like Austin Rare Coins and discuss grades and prices. We always recommend you put away the nicest, highest grades you can comfortably afford as quality has proven to always pay off the best when collecting Liberty Gold Coins.